Job Description


  • To ensure the tour is well organised and run to a timetable that allows all the sights on the itinerary to be visited
  • To book or confirm all meals and accommodation required by the company
  • Providing guests with a detailed programme for the day every morning and/or evening
  • Proactive planning for days ahead and upcoming tours
  • Responsible for your own mobile phone budget and keeping spend within this budget
  • Reconfirming hotels and suppliers before arrival

Entertainer / Facilitator

  • Provide expert, informative commentaries on countries, cities and sights visited
  • Stimulate the social aspect of the tour by organising activities e.g competitions
  • Encourage groups to mingle wherever possible


  • Deal with a wide variety of people and situations diplomatically and professionally as the tour leader and a representative of the company
  • Facilitate a harmonious relationship between group members, staff and service providers
  • To always be polite and friendly towards clients

Travel Expert

  • Sharing your knowledge in a professional and informative manner
  • Develop your knowledge of cities, sights and countries
  • Keeping your knowledge up to date and recent
  • Answer all questions from clients. As the tour leader it’s your responsibility to know the answer to every possible question!
  • Learning basic language skills of the countries you are visiting
  • Write and make a travel journal in writing, audio, live commentary or video. Share your journey with the world!
  • Enhance your skills in photography and travel writing.


  • Complete a neat, balanced, receipted set of accounts at the end of each tour
  • Pay all tour bills, accommodation, parking, city/road taxes etc
  • Plan expenditure in advance so that you always have money available for expenses
  • Collect money for optional excursions and make a payment for the services


  • To be aware of clients safety at all times
  • To educate clients to ensure their personal and property safety
  • To deal with emergency situations that arise such as ill health, accidents and loss of property
  • Liaise with the country coordinator
  • To facilitate quick and efficient professional help such as doctors, lawyers and ambulances when needed

Expectations Manager

  • Exceeding customer expectations on a daily basis
  • Make it easy for clients to talk to you
  • Understand what clients want
  • Maintain a one-on-one relationship with clients
  • Make the tour a true representation of the tours offered online.
  • Be upfront, direct and honest
  • Clearly communicate what you can and cannot do as well as what the company does and does not offer
  • Explain how you go about your work and what can be expected of you