Q : Will my training fee be covered during training

A : The training fee will cover expenses during the training tour such as accommodation, breakfasts and some dinners (as per tour itinerary). No expenses during the training will not be covered.

Q : How long is the season? Can I work year-round?

A  : The agencies have tours throughout the year with our busiest periods being April to September and during the festive period and school holidays.

Q : How does the scheduling of tours work, and how much work can I expect?

A : Most Tour Leaders will know their exact schedule up to a week before the following month. During the busy season Tour Leaders are on the road around 10 to 20 days of each month.

Q : Where is my base between tours?

A : This is completely up to you. One of the great things about being a Tour Leader is that the time between tours is completely yours.

Q : I have many years’ experience in tour leading – will I still need training?

A : All our Tour Leaders will need training on how to lead tours for country, but the training for experienced tour leaders will be tailor made and might not follow our Training Programme strictly.

Q : How big are the groups?

A : The groups can be up to 36 guest including the Tour Leader.

Q : Will Tour Leaders go on different types of tours, or will they only be trained on one itinerary?

A : Most tour leaders will be training on the most popular itinerary. Within a few months Tour Leaders are trained to lead different itineraries, and there are plenty of possibilities to develop further when leading tours for several seasons.

Q : Can I request time off during the high season?

A : Yes! We are very flexible with time off, and we do our utmost to make sure the Tour Leaders get gaps to re-energise.