Self Drive

You will learn from pick-up your rental car until the return. It will be a new experience if you have never experience driving in a opposite driving position (right to left, vice versa) and lanes.

Traffic travels on the left and you always want to turn left when entering a roundabout (traffic circle). Cars are equipped with the steering wheel on the right hand side of the vehicle. It can be very confusing.

Rules of the road : speed limit, gas, toll and parking.

Local driving habits : Driving in Rome or other large cities, especially during rush hour, can be hectic and other drivers on the road are likely to be less pleasant towards foreign drivers holding up traffic.

Parking fines : If you neglect to pay parking fees, you’ll likely receive a ticket that you’ll then have to pay either by check, credit/debit card, or cash at a police or parking bureau office. If you do receive a parking ticket or any other type of infraction, it’s recommended you immediately contact your rental company and arrange a payment plan if you’re not planning on paying the fine up front.

Limited access zone : For example Italian ZTL fines: Italian fines are tickets that are automatically generated and sent to drivers who cross into the designated Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL) in a city, and who are unauthorized to do so. Not every city has a ZTL area, but Italian ZTL fines are no scam.

Bus lane : The most popular fine among new drivers. Some of the lane has 24 hour restriction and only for public transport,, some has time limit.

Insurance : Learn about the insurance system and the excess when you are carrying if accident happen.

Breakdown and accidents :  How to find help?