Knowing What to Eat

Different places has a different style of food. In China for example, we might have a fusion food while in India is popular with spices. For Muslim, halal is very important in selecting right food during travel.

Knowing How to Cook

Yeah. We may say instant noodle is the easy, cheap and simple. It’s not will be long when you will miss the food that you regularly had at home. Learn some basic cooking. At least for yourself.

Knowing How to Medicate

You may protect yourself with travel insurance. But prevention is better than cure, you know what is the best for your body to avoid illness. If it happen as an accident, know the emergency number. Police, ambulans or nearest health center or pharmacy.

Knowing How to Trade

Learn the currency (real fast) and start to calculate in local currency. Know the cents and paper money. Understand the basic price of groceries in the country. Understand the basic utilities cost (e.g internet, phone call)

Knowing How to Meditate

Do you obligation as a servant. Know the difference in of belief. Be open.

Knowing How to Tolerate

Everybody has their limit while travelling. Old people and kids may be slow. Women tend to be more emotional, man tend to be very firm. The real test of your patience.