Training Destination

TL201 Ground Training at Destination

The second part of the training programm is a training/shadowing tour. You MUST have completed the classroom TL101 training to join this. If you have achieved satisfactory level in TL101, you will only then be invited to participate in the ground training.  The training tour will last up to 7 to 12 days depending to the destinations and country coordinators arrangement.

In this training, you will be join others in smaller group to get exposed and experiences in the country. As for today, the protege can chose ONE destination to his/her interest. We have a selection of countries New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea, Western Europe and United Kingdom. However, the placement is limited and to the country discreet decision to choose.

The protege will be exposed to various experience in travel. Currently there are different skill set in demand to protege. The skills are travel in nature, self drive, navigating, survival, explorace and culture. The skills will be transferred hands-on training approach.

TL301 Pairing & Assistance Training

The third part of the training programme is more on-job training to ensure you are ready to take out groups on your own. You will be offered an opportunity to involve in trips to be an assistant or junior tour leader. You will be paired with more experience tour leader or country coordinators.

If you have completed all parts of the training programme, you will either start to lead tours, or get invited to receive additional training on destinations/tour types. You may also start to offer your own travel services soon.

The Destination

Choose your destination. We do have a list of country for your selection. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Western Europe and United Kingdom. We also working hard to expand the destination in near future.